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Vegan plant-based catering platter
Vegan catering platter

Cold platters

Choose up to three canapés per platter

Mini pancakes with cream cheese and vegan lox (GF option)

Mini pancakes with beetroot hummus and sesame seeds (GF option)

Tomato biscuits with caramelised onion, hummus and vegan lox or sprouts

Mini burger with a kidney bean and lentil patty, cheese and tomato

Mini pies filled with creamy mushrooms and nutmeat

Seaweed salad in a sushi roll (GF)

Vegan lox sushi (GF)

Mini sandwiches with avocado and cucumber filling (GF option)

Vegan canapes platter
vegan catering canapes fingerfood

Small platter (24pc) $55  Medium platter (42pc) $85  Large platter (60pc) $115

Buffet catering available from only $30 per person. Please contact us for details