Mini vegetables muffins (GFO)

Garlic bread with smoked carrot 

Pancakes with beetroot hummus (GFO)

Pancakes with onion hummus & smoked carrot (GFO)

Mini hash brown with grilled mushrooms (GF)

Mini pies with creamy mushroom or vegan mince and cheese filling

Kimchi fritters (GF)

Carrot fritters with scramble tofu eggs (GF)

Lotus leaf buns with vegan bacon, teriyaki sauce, coleslaw and coriander

Mini sandwich (GFO)

Teriyaki “chicken” & broccoli skewers (GF)

Banana blossom “fish” bites with tartar sauce (GF)

Mini doughnuts

Apple custard roses

Raspberry melts (seasonal)

Chocolate covered strawberries (seasonal) (GF)

Mini cupcakes (GFO)

Marshmallow and fruit skewers (GF)

GF=Gluten-Free   GFO=Gluten-Free-Option

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