eep fried chicken-style pieces and broccoli in teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds (GF)

Nutmeat lasagne

Mushroom and chicken-free chicken strudel with gravy

Oven ratatouille (GF)

Cabbage dumplings

Tofu butter chicken (GF)

Peking Tofu

Shepherd’s Pie with lentils and vegetables (GF)

Moo Shoo Asian stir fry with tempeh, cabbage and shitake mushrooms (GF)

Creamy mushrooms with cashew cream (GF)

Potato & zucchini (GF)

Chili with kidney beans and nutmeat

Beetroot & walnut salad with quinoa in a balsamic vinaigrette (GF)

Mediterranean Orzo salad with Italian herb dressing 

Indian chickpea salad with tomatoes, red onions and coriander, in a lemon and Indian spice dressing (GF)

Coleslaw with carrots, sultanas, onion and vegan aioli (GF)

Potato salad with curry mayonnaise (GF)


Mashed potatoes

Oven-roasted potatoes

Pasta (GFO)

Roasted seasonal vegetables


Berry trifle


Tiramisu (GFO)

Fresh fruit salad 

Chocolate ganache cake (GFO)

Chocolate glazed strawberries (seasonal)

Apple & custard pastry roses

GF=Gluten-Free   GFO=Gluten-Free-Option

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